[Fixed] Revanced Buffering Issue latest update

Vanced was so popular after a huge controversial from main Youtube Comunity project handler drop their vanced project and then someone pick their source code and build Revanced for Android with new features.

Recently we have faced some issue in old and latest version revanced application it will automatically start buffering after 30 seconds or 1 min of playing video. So today sharing a method to fix buffering in revanced application.

To fix YouTube ReVanced buffering, you need to use the latest RVX and MicroG Builds.

You can also try enabling the Spoof player parameter in Settings > ReVanced Extended > Miscellaneous.

Revanced Latest: Download

revanced buffering

Here are 6 fixes for buffering:

  • Fix 1: Use the latest RVX and MicroG Builds.
  • Fix 2: Enable Spoof player parameter in Settings > ReVanced Extended > Miscellaneous.
  • Fix 3: Clean install RVX & MicroG > Open RVX > Settings -> ReVanced Extended -> Miscellaneous > Enable Spoof player parameter > Enable Spoof app version and spoof the app to the latest version.
  • Fix 4: Use YouTube with a different Google account or use YouTube in Incognito mode.
  • Fix 5: Uninstall YouTube ReVanced, download the YouTube v18.23.35 (nodpi) APK from APKMirror, download, re-install, or update the latest version of ReVanced Manager (v 1.6.0).
  • Fix 6: Go to the channel of the video you want to watch and find it in their videos log instead of playing it from the search results.

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